1. The very first Funhouse logo ever made was to look as if
seen through a funhouse mirror.

2. The cast of Saturday Night Live was fitted with
Funhouse brand designs for several episodes.

3. Several times Funhouse styles were used on the set of
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

4. Rockers captured on MTV videos wearing Funhouse
items in the 90's, Axl Rose & Slash of GnR and all the
guys from Metallica.

5. The swords in the Funhouse logo were made out of 16th
century daggers.

6. Angels and cherubs are also Funhouse motifs as well as
clowns, skulls and roses, knights, damsels and swords.

7. Best dressed performers in Funhouse gear are Alice
Cooper and Iggy Pop.

8. The entrance set for the first ever Funhouse store was
built to look like a cross between a funhouse and a house
of horrors.

9. The mirrors were purposely distorted like real funhouse mirrors.

10. Rock's weirdest bad boys to wear Funhouse stuff are Al
Jorgensen of Ministry, Gwar's (G.G.Allen), Dee Snider
of Twisted Sister and Rob Zombie.

11. For the past 8 years Funhouse has been the No.1 best
selling premiere gothic fashion label worldwide.

12. The three best selling essence oils are Temptation,
Lovelorn and Beloved.

13. One year a Funhouse staff outing was to an all you can
eat, play, laugh, scream, and go berserk day at an amusement park, another outing was to see The

14. Funhouse outfits became very common to The
Undertaker and his grand entrances to his exploits and
conquests in the wrestling ring.

15. Best selling Funhouse items ever: Elexis Dress for the
girls and Tamberlayne Coat for the boys.

16. Funhouse wardrobe was used in movies from The
to Little Nicky to stage musicals from Hedwig
& the Angry Inch
to Jekyll & Hyde.

17. On the 1st year anniversary a cutting of a few thousands
men's long sleeve shirts were cut out of many assorted
prints, totally killing every single yard only to realize in
the end that a mistake was made and only one sleeve was
cut, quite an expensive mistake considering there was
no more fabric left and the majority of prints were the
last off. A few days later we found the missing bundles
of the remaining sleeves. There will always be a little
bit of mystery about that one.

18. Numerious theatre groups and companies have used
Funhouse pieces for their stage and character sets, most
notably as costumes every summer for Shakespeare
In the Park

19. At one time or another the Funhouse brand has been
sold practically on every continent but it has been sold
in much more unusual places than that like Medieval
banquets, Treasure Island theme gift shop, Renaissance
faires, Madame Tousaud shows shops, Ozzfest,
Lollapalooza arenas, a gothic convent church turned store,
a quanset hut from WW2 and a painted mobile trailer

20. The entire casts of All My Children, General
, and Guiding Light were fitted with
Funhouse wardrobe for the Halloween episodes.