Zodiacs- Signs and Scents

Funhouse is proud to announce the launch of Funhouse Zodiacs, a new line of perfume that would not only celebrate all the astrological signs, their charm and powers, but also their scent. The word Zodiac literally means “Circle of Animals”, from the Greek zolion. Throughout history, various gods were associated with the signs of the zodiac, then when Christianity became the major religion in Europe angels were introduced as replacements possible with the idea of divinities inhabiting the astral plane lead to their association with the constellations and the zodiac,

    For Aries, the angel Malanhidael,
    For Taurus, Asmodel,
    For Gemini, Ambriel,
    For Cancer, Muriel,
    For Leo, Verchiel,
    For Virgo, Hamaliel,
    For Libra, Uriel,
    For Scorpio, Barbiel,
    For Sagittarius, Advachiel,
    For Capricorn, Hanael,
    For Aquarius, Gabriel
    For Pisces, Barchiel
This will be available in 1/3 oz bottle as well as spray handy black applicator.

Celticum - Celebrating the Celtic Fire Festivals

Not since the successes of Mysteries of Love line of Perfume sprays and Funhouse Essence Oils, for the past 10 years since their introduction, has a fragrance been so anticipated. It could be said about Celticum – The Celtic Fire Festivals namely Samhain, the first festival, Imbolic, the second, Beltane, the third, and Lammas, the forth fire festival. They represent the Celtic festival of Remembrance, the festival of Lights, the May Eve festival, and Festival of the First Fruits respectively.

Allegories of Morality Playing Cards designed by Ray Buttigieg for Funhouse

On the 445 year anniversary of the birth of Cesare Ripa, the Italian mythopoet, who in his Iconologia, he presented a system of codification of symbolism which, during the baroque and rococo periods in Europe artists and poets accepted certain symbolism represented a universal language of metaphor (or iconography), which permeated painting, sculpture and other forms like poetry and aspects of prose. Ray has designed the playing card set that he called Allegories of Morality based on the Johann Georg Hertel’s edition of 1760. This edition which was published 245 years ago and exactly 200 years after Ripa’s birth consisted of 200 plates illustrated by the painter, Gottfried Eichler the Younger. The gorgeous colorization of the images is truly top notch and the added symbolism with the combination of letters and numbers really combines and completes the concept. Check out here for a view.

Theatre of the Night in perfume atomizer

After 10 years of consistent success since the launch of the Theatre of the Night line of Essence Oils issued on Funhouse’s other perfume imprint Vampyre, it was time to make the scents available in perfume atomizer. After having received your requests for so long we are happy to make it available by Christmas ’06. All 9 original scents will still be in their same exquisite and potent passion that had mesmerized so many of you with its mystery.

    Bela Lugosi
    Count Dracula
    Dorian Gray

Ray on Music & Fashion in LV interview

While in Las Vegas for the fall ’05 shows Ray was interviewed by Style Magazine. Although Ray has been involved intensely in both music and fashion for several decades, and has contributed immensely to both, he prefers to talk extensively from an outsider’s point of view. As he explained, “From the very beginning of my career I realized right away that I would prefer to operate as an outsider when it comes to the creative process. I do not want any rules or restrictions when I am creating.” Look for more updates as and when they become available